Cookie factory "Bocca fina" in Bastelicaccia

"I revisited all of my grandmother's recipes."

This is how Jules Ottavi proudly announces us, just 21 years old, at the head of the cookie factory Bocca Fina since 2019.
In his laboratory located in the village of Bastelicaccia, the one who was a landscaper by trade, works all the scents and flavors of yesteryear to bring them up to date.
Jules talks about the recipe book inherited from his grandmother as a priceless treasure. So much so, that you can almost taste and smell the exquisite pastries without even having seen them, and when the time finally comes to savor them, they live up to your expectations.

“I work largely with local products.”
If there were to be only one watchword it would be the word “quality.” Indeed, this craftsman does not leave room for the industrial, he chooses his basic food with care calling most often on local producers just like him. Whether it is honey, wine, chestnuts or citrus fruits, everything can be the object of pastries and cookies according to his great creativity. Jules tests, tastes, innovates and modernizes his dishes while respecting the products and the seasons. Even the oldest of basic products such as nepita, the emblematic Corsican herb, is the object of a succulent sweetness.

Its great specialty? Canistrelli, Corsican-specific cookies. “People ask me why my canistrelli are soft and not hard, I tell them that originally they are like that, that our grandmothers made them like that”. Plus, Jules will most likely have anticipated your favorite flavor!
One of his most emblematic creations is the “boccalisson”, the combination of “bocca fina” and “calisson”. You will have understood, a calisson revisited. This one is without unleaf and exclusively with orange, to taste absolutely.

This passionate person does not stop there, he cooks strikes, small furnaces but also salted and can be present for your festivals such as baptisms, marriages etc.

You can find bocca fina in different markets and fairs of Corsica but also in direct sale by telephone. There is a possibility of sending parcels.