Forest of laricio pine and beech of 1,634 hectares

Did you know that?

As a result, the nearby waterfall was named “Cascade des Anglais” because the many foreigners visiting Vizzavona liked to bathe in the river there. You can access the waterfall by the GR20 from the train station (2 hours), or from the Parc Aventure (20 minutes).

On the main road between Bastia and Ajaccio, right after Bocognano, be sure not to miss Vizzavona’s mountain pass.

The forest of Lariccio’s pine and beech trees goes on between the Monte d’Oro and A Punta dell’Oriente for more than 16 square kilometers.
In the 19th century, the little hamlet surrounding the train station was best known as a favorite retreat for the european aristocrats and rich visitors of the Island, who weren’t used to the high temperatures of the coriscan summer. You can still see the ruins of the “Grand Hotel de Vizzavona” from the train station.